A Consortium of Idaho, Washington and Oregon Ag Experiment Stations, USDA-ARS, and the Small Fruits Industry
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Welcome to the Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research

The Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research (NCSFR) is a research consortium that was established in 1990. Its administration and primary research facility are located in Corvallis, Oregon but it is a joint research program that includes Oregon State University, Washington State University, University of Idaho and USDA-ARS all working together with the following mission and goals:

MISSION & GOALS - Updated in April 2010


The mission of the Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research is to enhance the sustainability and profitability of the berry, grape and wine industries through research and dissemination of information.

Goal One

New information and technologies to address high priority issues that enhance product quality and yield through industry, university and government research partnerships, including:

  1. Sustainable production practices that are profitable and environmentally responsible.
  2. Genetic research and plant breeding to develop improved cultivars with qualities such as stress tolerance, pest and disease resistance, high productivity, nutritional quality and climatic adaptability.  
  3. Pre and post harvest factors, mechanization and packaging and processing technologies to improve product stability, flavor, safety and quality.
  4. Processing and packaging technologies to minimize environmental impact and improve product stability, flavor, safety and quality.
  5. Identification and enhancement of fruit components that provide health benefits.

Goal Two

Provide a link between the scientific community and the industry to articulate the industry’s needs and facilitate technology transfer.

Goal Three

Enhance public awareness of small fruits research and small fruits industries.

Goal Four

Maintain and further strengthen industry, private and public support and participation to fulfill the mission and goals of the Center.

Goal Five

Strengthen rural communities through sustainable small fruits production.